MY-GS-R Series: The latest star of the OMRON MY family of relays

Omron have showcased the latest addition to the MY family of miniature power relays – the MY-GS-R Series. This new series replaces the well-known MY (S) range, a popular relay within the marketplace.

Crafted in a fully automated factory, the MY-GS-R series of relays boast a range of features designed to elevate performance and reliability.

OMRON MY-GS-R Series Key Features:

Automated Excellence: The MY-GS-R is the newest member of the MY family, showcasing Omron’s commitment to innovation through production in a complete automated factory.

LED Polarity Perfection: Models equipped with LED feature a revolutionary design with no polarity for the DC coil specification, eliminating the need for a diode.

Coil Specification Clarity: The coil tape comes printed with crucial information, making it easy to identify the operating coil specification at a glance.

Mechanical Operation Indicators: Enjoy the convenience of mechanical operation indicators, a standard feature across all MY-GS-R models, providing a quick and easy way to check the contact status.

Certification Confidence: MY-GS-R relays are RoHS compliant and hold certifications from UL, CSA, and IEC (VDE certification), ensuring compliance with international standards for safety and quality.

Versatility in Application: Tailored for reliability, the MY-GS-R is well-suited for various applications. Standard models are frequently employed in the HVAC industry, while others are well situated in packaging machines for the food and beverage industry.

OMRON MY datasheet graphic

Please click for a full overview of the Omron’s MY series, including the new M-GS-R range

The new OMRON MY-GS-R series of miniature power relays are now available from BPX.

We are delighted to assist you in obsolescence planning and guide you in choosing the suitable replacement unit based on the specific MY (S) Series relay you may currently have in use.

The final order entry date for the ‘soon-to-be discontinued’ MY (S) series will be the end of March 2024. Please note this is only applicable for Europe.

Please click on the following graphic to load the OMRON MY (S) series discontinuation notice PDF, showing further information on suitable MY-GS-R series replacements.


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