Smart plant operations are simpler than you think with EcoStruxure

Schneider Electric reports that 80% of manufacturers recognise smart factories as pivotal to their future success. Moreover, that the integration of smart plant operations is essential for transforming industrial production. Smart plant operations are simpler than you think with EcoStruxure.

Smart plant operations help site personnel grappling with the paradox of information overload. They realise this by capturing plant data to provide actionable insights that streamline process efficiency and enhance decision-making capabilities.

Leveraging smart plant operations

Smart manufacturing leverages advanced automation technology to filter and prioritise key data. This empowers stakeholders to avoid distractions, concentrate on pressing issues, and optimise plant operations. By adopting the right automation enhancement tools and services, decision-makers can adeptly navigate change. Moreover, they help identify and address persistent challenges and elevate the productivity of key tasks within process-intensive plants. For example:

Plant operators

Armed with a clearer understanding of the criticality of abnormal conditions, plant operators can categorise issues more effectively. This results in faster decision-making and improved facility use, operational efficiency, and productivity.

Safety engineers

With tools like Enhanced Management of Change (MOC), safety engineers can meticulously document tag names, employ diverse data search methods, and track changes elevating safety performance through critical system governance controls and knowledge retention capabilities.

Plant engineers

Tasked with enhancing plant efficiency, boosting production, and mitigating manufacturing issues, plant engineers benefit immensely from advanced loop management capabilities. In other words, tools that enable them to identify and adjust system parameters in response to evolving conditions and ensuring optimal performance.

In highly variable industrial environments fraught with performance and safety risks, equipping all personnel with the appropriate tools to identify and manage control system changes is paramount. This not only safeguards automation assets but also significantly enhances overall productivity.

Collaboration of technology and people in smart plant operations

Platforms like EcoStruxure exemplify the harmonious integration of technology and human expertise. These solutions, offer robust strategies for change management, safety enhancement, goal achievement, and risk minimisation in automated production settings. It also provides a comprehensive framework for operators aiming to refine plant operations.

Optimising data and infrastructure

Importantly, the journey towards implementing smart digital tools for plant performance enhancement does not always mean an all-encompassing overhaul. Many organisations overlook the simpler, cost-effective opportunities that can significantly boost plant efficiency and safety in the short term.

By enhancing existing control systems using advanced digital tools, plant owners can enhance operational efficiency in a straightforward, cost-effective manner. This approach not only capitalises on existing investments but also lays a solid foundation for future advancements. Tools like EcoStruxure make the passage simpler than you think.


EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, architecture and platform for industry and commerce. It innovates every level from connected products to edge control, Apps, Analytics and Services. Moreover, it supports enhanced safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity in manufacturing. Finally, delivering business improvements using advancements in IoT, mobility, analytics, and cybersecurity to deliver innovation at every level.

Explore how to enhance your existing control and benefit from smart plant operations at the EcoStruxure Smart manufacturing solutions page. Blending the best of technology and human expertise will usher in a new era of industrial efficiency and safety.


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