OMRON M1 Integrated AC Drives Solution Launched

News of the new OMRON M1 Integrated Global AC Drives Solution for OEMs, system integrators and end users has been announced. These innovative inverter drives offer leading system integration capabilities, enabling harmonised machine design for improved flexibility, higher efficiency, and space-saving advantages.

The OMRON M1 introduces a range of features and functionalities that set a new standard in motor control and drive technology. Moreover, it expands the choice of motors that can be used for the drive system. This includes standard induction motors (IM), permanent magnet motors (PM), direct drive PM motors (up to 128 poles). It also supports special motors such as drum motors. Motor parameters are simple to adjust using the auto-tuning function in OMRON’s Sysmac Studio. It offers exceptional torque capabilities with 200% torque available even at 0Hz.

An early adopter of the Omron M1 was a renowned Italian porcelain stoneware tile producer Romani Group in Sassuolo Italy. They sought to revolutionise their press feeding system by upgrading its performance and improving the system safety and efficiency. In response to this need, local OMRON System Integrator Bluengineering proposed using the new M1 Inverter. They believed the cutting-edge frequency inverter exemplified the latest advancements in technology. They argued that besides meeting the customer requirements, the MI would also provide enhanced diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities.

A notable M1 inverter feature is its Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality, accessible both through hardware and EtherCAT network, facilitating the creation of safe and flexible applications. Furthermore, its native integration with EtherCAT fieldbus and the Sysmac development environment has reduced startup times.

This collaboration has resulted in a safe, modern, and efficient solution that minimises plant downtimes. Moreover, it sets a new standard in the industry for automation in porcelain stoneware tile manufacturing.

The OMRON M1 key benefits include:

  • Built-in support for Modbus and EtherCAT communication protocols for seamless connectivity and interoperability with a wide range of industrial automation systems.
  • Sysmac Studio Integrated Development Environment software tool for easy configuration, monitoring, and management of the system.
  • Versatile motor control capabilities, including speed control, torque control, precise position control, and master-follower function.
  • AC induction and Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors in both Open Loop Vector and Closed Loop Vector mode applications.
  • Built-in encoder and pulse counter input with high-speed position capture for accurate motion control.
  • Dedicated energy-saving functionality, to reduced operating costs.
  • Coated Printed Circuit Board to ensure reliable performance in harsh industrial environments.
  • Ratings: 200 V Class single-phase 0.2 to 3.7 KW; 200 V Class three-phase 0.2 to 18.5 KW; 400 V Class three-phase 0.4 to 22 KW

The overall quality and reliability of OMRON’s M1 solution guarantees ten years of maintenance-free operation, even in demanding industrial settings.

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