Benefiting from IIot plant modernisation

IIot plant modernisation

If you are in the fortunate position of developing a ‘green field’ manufacturing plant, digitisation is the obvious way forward. But for most companies, this is not the case. It is more…

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Linear actuators offering soft-land capability

Electric cylinder actuators offer a high-speed, compact and price competitive alternative to pneumatic cylinders. Products from leading manufacturer SMAC also use moving coil technology to give the added advantage of a patented soft-land capability.

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BSI agrees standards policy for UK on leaving the EU

On 23 November, the General Assemblies of the European Standards Organizations CEN and CENELEC approved a plan that secures BSI’s full membership post-Brexit. BSI welcomes these decisions as a pragmatic solution that provides stability…

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Packaging automation trends

Like many other industries, the packaging sector constantly adapts to market requirements. Factors affecting packaging automation include new regulations, skills shortages and digital transformation. Innovative companies are turning these challenges into opportunities through new…

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Omron vision for digitalised machine automation

Omron Automation has produced a positioning paper outlining its view of digitalised machine automation. It considers the core technologies needed to realize a smart digitalised manufacturing infrastructure.

The fourth industrial revolution will be a convergence…

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Cost-effective high-speed container capping

Is the lack of high-speed container capping a production bottleneck you could do without? SMAC manufactures a unique range of precision electric moving coil actuators. They are unique in that force, position and speed…

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