Power resilience with Intelligence for Industrial IoT

For most organisations, digitalisation is becoming a critical factor for business success, particularly in industries needing a resilient electrical infrastructure. As digital technologies advance, the importance of safeguarding sensitive devices, systems, and infrastructures against power surges becomes paramount. Weidmüller’s Varitector surge protection brings power resilience with intelligence for sites moving to industrial IOT.


Lightning spikes are one cause of critical voltage surges in the UK, although not the main one. To comply with the current Wiring Regulations, commercial, industrial, and public buildings require surge protection. In practice, this means that users must install surge protection in almost all new buildings.

Switching Surges

Yet most damaging surges are generated within the user’s premises by switching large loads rather than by lightning. Moreover, the growth in digitalisation provides powerful commercial arguments for adding surge protection to the internal power distribution network.

In recognising this need, Weidmüller developed the Varitector VPU-Series of lightning and surge protection devices (SPDs) for industrial and commercial applications.

The fully modular system provides protection for infeed (Type 1), sub-distribution (Type 2) and device level (Type 3) circuits. The SPD devices mount in a range of common plug-in bases, making surge arrester replacement straightforward. Furthermore, the VPU AC S- line combines the best features of voltage switching and voltage limiting technologies by using their HAD technology.

Weidmüller Varitector surge protection gives intelligent power resilience

The VARITECTOR PU AC IoT versions add a new dimension by adding IoT connectivity to the established range. They offer both top-level protection for industrial energy networks and to also serve as intelligent IoT devices by providing real-time status monitoring and data-driven insights. Furthermore, it is also important to be able to monitor the VARITECTOR’s operating status when in use.

They monitor and communicate critical parameters like device status, number of over voltages, protective earth connection status and history of temporary over voltages. Importantly the real-time monitoring capability also supports proactive maintenance by indicating its condition both visually and electronically. The user will receive a message from the device explaining that the arrester has reached the end of its service life and needs replacing. Thus, ensuring optimal performance and minimising unplanned downtime.

Power resilience with intelligence – one of the standout features of the VARITECTOR PU AC IoT series is its ability to withstand surges and maintain real-time monitoring even after a surge event. This resilience ensures continuous data availability and system reliability. It makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including building infrastructure and wind power installations.

Cloud Connectivity

Weidmüller also prioritises ease of integration and communication in the design of their surge protection devices. Simple cloud connectivity offers direct connection with mobile devices, local web interfaces, and integration via web servers using MQTT. This standardised approach to data transmission ensures compatibility with existing engineering systems and simplifies deployment within industrial IoT environments.

It is also important to be able to monitor the VARITECTOR’s operating status when in use. Regardless of the data processing location, real-time monitoring of the key parameters via Wi-Fi guarantees high system availability.

In summary, Weidmüller’s VARITECTOR PU AC IoT surge protector represents an advancement in electrical power management and industrial IoT. By combining robust surge protection with intelligent monitoring and communication they help engineers to manage their electrical infrastructure. They improve system reliability and pave the way for a future of power resilience with intelligence.


BPX are the UK’s leading authorised, technical distributor of Weidmüller electrical automation products and solutions. If you would like to discuss your need to put in place power resilience with intelligence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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