Advantech’s ICAM AI cameras revolutionise real-world applications

Advantech announces the launch of its innovation ICAM-520/500 series of high-performance industrial cameras with built-in AI processing capabilities. Designed to meet the demands of real-time responsiveness, these cameras will revolutionise many industrial and commercial processes, particularly those requiring AI-driven automated optical inspection or optical character recognition.

The integration of the AI computing module directly into the compact industrial camera system marks a significant advancement. The amalgamation of image acquisition and AI inference functionality drastically reduces latency, circumventing the delays often associated with the distance between IP cameras, cloud servers, and AI inference systems.

Equipped with programmable varifocal lenses, LED illumination, and SONY industrial-grade image sensors, these highly integrated AI Cameras streamline installation, configuration, and maintenance efforts. The system’s adaptability ensures optimal image acquisition and seamless integration with AI algorithms. Furthermore, a preloaded support package facilitates smooth interfacing with AI cloud services, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


The ICAM-520 offers unparalleled flexibility for customers, enabling seamless connectivity with communication modules for Wi-Fi and 5G applications. This versatility lowers the entry barrier for AI software developers and empowers them to effortlessly implement AI vision applications. With a comprehensive support package, the Advantech ICAM-520 simplifies software and hardware integration, saving both space and time traditionally required for installing AI computing equipment. Moreover, its ruggedized fanless design ensures reliable operation even in the harshest factory environments.

Real-World Applications:

AI-powered camera use extends across many processing applications where the transition from manual to automated processes is gaining momentum. By leveraging camera systems, tasks such as sorting high-volume materials have become faster, more consistent, and less labour-intensive.

Advantech's ICAM AI cameras revolutionises egg inspection
[Source: Advantech Europe]

A prime example lies within the egg industry, where manual sorting processes are notorious for their inefficiency, low productivity, and high labour costs. Automated sorting solutions, such as an AI optical inspection system, offer a transformative approach. Capable of processing thousands of eggs per hour, these systems yield substantial cost savings for producers.

Using AI-based optical inspection systems helps identify and remove eggs with cracks, discolorations, and other defects. By rejecting low quality eggs, producers are improving the products delivered to retailers before they reach consumers. This not only enhances the product’s quality but also improves operational efficiency by reducing the need for manual labour.

Research indicates that AI-based optical inspection enhances egg grading, counting, and quality control while optimising efficiency and minimising labour costs.

Importantly, it also recognises that opportunities exist across a wide range of industries not traditionally associated with advanced technology. By embracing these innovative solutions, more industries can unlock new levels of productivity and competitiveness through automation.

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