Elevate Your Experience: Our Website Upgrade & Future Innovations

In August 2023, we embarked on a mission to enhance your online experience by implementing a significant upgrade to our website. The driving force behind this transformation was the need to tackle speed issues, causing inconvenience for you, our valued customers.

The outcome of this upgrade is a finely tuned and optimised website, ensuring you can now enjoy swift load times that are more than 15% faster than they were before. This not only resolves the initial problem but sets the stage for a more enjoyable and efficient online shopping experience tailored just for you.

Optimised Speed for your Seamless Browsing

The most notable improvement stemming from the website upgrade is the optimisation of load times. In response to your feedback, BPX recognised the frustration you faced with slow-loading pages and took swift action. The implemented changes have significantly reduced waiting times. With load times now being much more acceptable, you can seamlessly navigate our website, fostering a smoother and more user-friendly interface that prioritises your needs.

Screen grab showing www.bpx.co.uk core vitals

A Glimpse into your Future: 2024 Developments

BPX is committed to ensuring your satisfaction doesn’t stop at improved load times. Looking ahead to 2024, we are gearing up to introduce exciting developments to our customer portal, designed specifically for you. In response to your positive feedback for our custom-built portal, later this year we plan to replace our current website with our portal, to usher in a new era of functionality and convenience tailored to meet your needs, as both a logged in customer or browsing visitor. Anticipated features such as live order tracking, product configurators, full faceted navigation, improved click and collect options, and comprehensive account management functionalities, including invoice downloads and custom part numbers can be expected. These additions are here to create a more holistic and efficient online shopping experience, enhancing every step of your journey.

BPX customer portal product configurator

Our Unwavering Commitment to your Satisfaction

The recent website update is not just a technical fix; it is a testament to BPX’s commitment to providing you with the best possible experience. By addressing and resolving issues promptly, we showcase our dedication to ensuring your satisfaction. The improvements we’ve made, coupled with the exciting features planned for 2024, demonstrate our ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of customer-centric approach.

Your Enhanced Journey with BPX

BPX’s ongoing journey to enhance your user experience through website upgrades and upcoming innovations in 2024 shows our company is devoted to meeting your needs. The optimised website speed is just the beginning, with the promise of a customer portal laden with innovative features. As technology evolves, we stand ready to provide you with a streamlined and efficient online shopping experience, making every interaction with BPX, online and offline, tailored just for you.

Once again living up to our guiding principle of Help to Choose, Help to Use.

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