SICK Field Analytics Unlocks the Power of Industry 4.0 Automation

At the heart of smart manufacturing and logistics, a quiet revolution is taking place. SICK, a pioneer in sensor technology, has launched an innovative Industry 4.0 on-premises data intelligence platform, called SICK Field Analytics. This platform is set to empower automation engineers and managers, enabling them to optimise operating performance like never before.

Imagine easily extracting meaningful application-specific condition monitoring and process insights, independently of your organisation’s existing machinery and systems. SICK Field Analytics makes this a reality with their vendor-agnostic digitalisation platform that collects and aggregates data from any source including sensors, machine controllers, and other IIoT devices.

Moreover, one of its key features is the ability to configure real-time data displays to provide timely alerts and alarms. Users can also visualise historical trends through its powerful dashboard graphics. Regardless of where your data is coming from, SICK Field Analytics will seamlessly integrate it, breaking down silos and bottlenecks.

SICK Field Analytics

Charlie Walker, SICK UK’s Digital Solutions Consultant, highlights the transformative power of SICK Field Analytics. “Operators who want to gain more insights across a production floor, factory, or warehouse may feel quite daunted by the prospect of collecting and comparing data from many different machines or applications. Faced with a sea of information, it can be difficult to isolate the specific factors that are affecting operating efficiency. The data could come from all sorts of sources that use different communications protocols.”

SICK Field Analytics solves these challenges with ease, collecting data from disparate sources without costly and time-consuming adaptations of existing systems. It empowers operators to extract more information about their machines’ health whilst examining operating efficiency in new and innovative ways. Beyond machine health, Field Analytics can also track overall operating effectiveness, monitor resource consumption (e.g., compressed air or energy consumption), and calculate and track production costs.

The software platform can work in tandem with data from various sources. This includes sensors from any vendor, PLCs, and smart IIoT edge devices like Sensor Integration Machines. It seamlessly enhances the data already available from legacy automated systems, making it compatible with most common communications protocols, including Rest API, OPC UA, and MQTT.

Powerful dashboards and alerts

SICK Field Analytics also offers powerful dashboard graphics and visual alerts. This allows organisations to configure their package to better understand the condition of their machinery. It also enables operators to set up and trend Key Performance Indicators both historically and in real time. Real-time alerts facilitate quick responses to production or process anomalies that might otherwise lead to costly machine downtime.

The key to staying ahead

In an era where digital maturity is the key to staying ahead, SICK Field Analytics is a beacon guiding automation engineers and managers toward Industry 4.0 level performance. Organisations can unlock the full potential of their operations, optimise efficiency, and embrace a future where data-driven decisions drive success. The future of automation has arrived, and it is powered by SICK Field Analytics from BPX.



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