Lexium Cobot – Redefining Human-Robot Collaboration on the Plant Floor

Manufacturers face significant challenges such as labour shortages and production downtimes that impact productivity and efficiency. Despite this, and aside from the automotive industry, UK producers, seem unwilling to embrace robotics into their manufacturing. Will the Lexium cobot change their minds?

Survey after survey puts us way down the list of industrialised countries using robots. Is there a correlation with our lagging productivity and this aversion to industrial robots? What’s more, could collaborative robots (cobots) handling light payloads hold the answer?

Cobot installations are inexpensive, flexible, reliable, easy to integrate, increase productivity and deliver high ROIs. They can also reduce the time to market for new products. What’s not to like?

The Lexium cobot

Schneider Electric aims to tackle these issues head-on with the launch of their groundbreaking Lexium Cobot. Designed from the outset to work seamlessly alongside humans on the factory floor, this next-gen automation solution promises to usher in a new era of human-robot collaboration in industrial settings.

Smoother faster integration

Lexium joins the growing range of Lexium materials handling equipment that includes the MC12 Multi carrier and PacDrive delta robots. Together, they enable high-speed movements and precise positioning in packaging, material handling, material working, electronics, and food and beverage applications. PacDrive Delta robots suit fast pick-and-place tasks with payloads up to 60kg.

Minimising Downtime, Maximising Productivity

One of the biggest advantages of the Lexium Cobot is its ability to minimise costly downtime caused by labour shortages. Schneider says they account for up to 20% loss in productive capacity. By assisting human workers with repetitive, strenuous tasks, the Cobot enhances overall plant productivity. Furthermore, it releases employees to focus on higher-value roles.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is a top priority with the Lexium Cobot. It features dynamic torque and speed monitoring, collision detection, rounded edges, and a low overall weight – all engineered to reduce the risk of injury to operations personnel. Depending on the application, these built-in safety functions may eliminate the need for additional protective equipment, also saving floor space.

Seamless Integration, swift ROI

The Lexium Cobot design allows for effortless integration into existing production layouts with minimal changes. Its compatibility with Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IoT platform also reduces commissioning time, enabling a swift return on investment.

Programming Flexibility

The Cobot offers exceptional programming flexibility, allowing it to adapt to evolving production needs. It can learn by teaching and free-drive functions where the user can teach points or paths to use in the application. The collaborative robot does not require advanced skills, but the common sense and judgment of a human being.

Hands-on teaching and graphical programming allow for easy application changes, and five models cover payloads from 3 to 18 kgs. Standalone configurations are ideal for collaborative human-robot workstations.

Cost and Space Efficiency

With a low total cost of ownership and one of the smallest footprints in the industry, the Lexium Cobot is an extremely cost-effective and space-efficient solution for smart factories. Furthermore, its high efficiency through simple setup and ease of use helps to recover modernisation investments faster.


Schneider Electric’s Lexium Cobot represents a significant leap in robotics technology. Moreover, it offers manufacturing engineers an innovative way to boost productivity, improve worker safety, and drive seamless automation. It also delivers a swift return on investment.

Human-robot collaboration is an essential next step for ensuring that manufacturers remain competitive. Solutions such as the Lexium will play a crucial role in shaping the factories of the future.

Lexium Cobot – Redefining Human-Robot Collaboration on the Plant Floor

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